Ergonomics | pdf-book | interior design

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Ergonomics | pdf-book | interior design

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It is very important to create a project by stages: from a planning solution and functional areas to the composition of materials and locations for various equipment and communications.

I created HelpDesign Series of books about the stages of interior design:

Layout | Furniture | Ergonomics | Utilities | Materials


This book discusses basic rules of ergonomics that must be observed when designing an apartment.

Convenience in the apartment depends only on the observance of ergonomics and the correct arrangement of furniture and space planning.


  • 130+ ergonomics tips;
  • 120+ position rules;
  • 50+ decisions;
  • 20+ exercises.

Each book reviews 4 apartment layouts in terms of different design stages.

When buying COMBO | HelpDesign (5 books) you will get a complete set of all stages of interior design for 4 apartments


  1. Stages
  2. Ergonomics
  3. Planning
  4. Options
  5. Studio apt
  6. One bedroom apt
  7. Two bedroom apt
  8. Three bedroom apt
  9. Exercises


1. You are a student or a beginning architect

I want to help students and aspiring architects, because I know how much time it takes to find information about the optimal size of rooms and the correct arrangement of rooms, furniture, materials and any equipment.

You can apply the knowledge from my series of books during your studies at school, university or college, as well as while working on real projects.

2. You want to design the interior by yourself

Some people want to design their apartment on their own, since not everyone is ready to pay for an interior design project. I want to help them to avoid common mistakes

By buying this Ergonomics | HelpDesign Series you are acquiring a Single Person Use license. If you make a purchase YOU are the only one allowed to use it and you may not rent, lease, sublicense, distribute or lend Ergonomics | HelpDesign Series to any other third party.

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